Transform Your BodyMind and Life Today
Transform Your BodyMind and Life Today


Treatment of some VIP Persons

  • George Harrison (Beatles)
  • Pt. Kishan Maharaj
  • Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru
  • Smt. Indra Gandhi
  • Sri Rajiv Gandhi
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Jai Prakash Narayan
  • B.P. Koirala (EX P.M nepal)
  • G.P. Koirala (EX P.M nepal)
  • Gyani Jail singh
  • Pt.Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya
  • Awadhoot Bhagwan Ram
  • Maharaj Vibhuti Narayan Singh
  • Harivansh Rai Bachchan
  • V.G. Jog 
  • Pt. Ravi Shankar
  • Ustad Vilayat Khan
  • Ali Akbar Khan
  • Prof. Kim (korea)
  • Ustad Munabbar Ali
  • Pt. Jasraj
  • Pt. Bhimsen Joshi
  • B.R. Devdhar
  • S.N. Tripathi
  • Suresh Goyel
  • Padamshri Kishan Lal
  • Max Folmer (Holland)
  • S. Chenareddi
  • Pt. Kamalapati Tripathi
  • Choudhari Charan Singh
  • Anerood Jugnauth (EX P.M Mauritius)
  • Choudhari Ajit Singh
  • Narayan Swami
  • Sitaram Chaturvedi
  • Vinaba Ji
  • Swami Narayan Acharya
  • Nirmala Desh Pandey
  • Gopi Krishna 
  • Gulam Ali 
  • Ex. C.M. Sri Mulayam Singh Yadav

The oldest and the most successful system of ancient Indian Medical Science Ayurved, and whose world fame centre is Kashi, the aforesaid hospital is at service for the last several generations. At present Pt. Shiv Kumar Shastri from the times of his father, has been treating with the difficult as well as incurable diseases for the welfare of the mankind. “The institution is not a profit based formula” unit, rather it locates on the shoulders of services to the humanity. This is God’s grace that the same is just flowing down as a river of tradition for the last more than three hundred years, and this is blessed by Lord Dhanwantari.

This family has the honour of “Raj Vaidya” (Royal Physician) of his Highness, Maharaja of Banaras State for the last eight
generations and remains at present as well.
So many V.I.P.S have been given medical cure in the country as well as abroad, and who  could be noticed as Pt. J.L. Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Jai Prakash Narain, Rajiv Gandhi, Gyani Zail Singh, Dalai Lama, Koirala and Dr. Hari Vansh Rai Bachchan etc

 Today, In India and there in the rest of the world diseases like cancer and aids, which are standing incurable against any system of medicology, and the doctors are failure, seeking no wayout, the same have got the only original and authentic solution in Ayurved and which eradicates the diseases from its roots. For this particular reason the preparation of all the Ayurvedic medicines is conducted by means of the desired minerals. Hurbs and other original materials in “Shri Dhanwantari Dharmamrit Aushadhalaya, for the last so many centuries. All this is performed completely based on “Shastra” indicated and authentic process. Such type of specified medicines are never possible to be prepared, there in a commercial factory. Because undergoing the strict micro supervision of the skilled Vaidyas these medicines might take years to get prepared. For this in different seasons the roots and herbs, when available are extracted with compounding and blending and during this course it takes years and then only the medicines carry their surprising effects.

 For centuries, in the tradition of Raj Vaidyas, few rare and effective medicines are of the significance, that they relieve the patient in his trouble at once. These “Life-elixir”medicines are not known nor these are traceable to any body and same is being searched by the world, nowadays. But so for as the treatment of such incurable diseases is not a matter of the bookish study nor it has been illustrated, in the traditional books, rather it is based on experience load by the practicability and with the help of the same, thousands of them have become free of any disease and rare leading a happy and healthy life.